What you need to know

what you need to know

We’re excited to see some Global art this year! Participants can work with any materials they choose, all work must be entered using the Registration System. Parents and guardians must complete the registration form. The Contest is open for entries until August 1, 2022, at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

You will need to: 

1. Complete your 2022 profile registration form

2. Create your Artwork using any materials you want. From crayons to clay to found objects. Be creative! 

3. Document your work by taking photos of your creative process, you will need to upload a photo while making your drawing to participate. 

4. Write a description of your creation and why you think it represents a more sustainable world to you. Complete the rest of the uploading form and accept the Terms and Conditions.

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To Submit: 

1. Sign-in into your profile. 

2. Upload your Artwork and the rest of your working photos to your profile. Take a high-res digital photo or scans of the photos in good lighting and upload it as PNG or JPG format. 

3. Document your work by taking photos of your creative process, you will need to upload a photo while making your drawing to participate.

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The Judging criteria

The Artwork will be evaluated on the following parameters:

1- Individual merit: Based on unassisted, independent work. 
2- Artistic merit: Based on artistic skill. 
3- Creativity: Exhibition of the contest theme, use of the information shared on the contest website and beyond, and the unique approach to the Global concept. 
4- Theme communication: How rightly the contest theme is described in both the Artwork and the written statement.

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Artwork will be classified and judged by the following 5 age groups:

Placeholder for the image "https://storage.googleapis.com/diproinduca-prod-bucket-fb24935ae53a2458/contest/cs_1_81156f8f6b/cs_1_81156f8f6b.png".Seeds


For children 
up to 3 years old

Placeholder for the image "https://storage.googleapis.com/diproinduca-prod-bucket-fb24935ae53a2458/contest/css_1_6938233078/css_1_6938233078.png".Sprouts


For children 
4 to 7 years old

Placeholder for the image "https://storage.googleapis.com/diproinduca-prod-bucket-fb24935ae53a2458/contest/ct_1_b9d45ec18e/ct_1_b9d45ec18e.png".Thinkers


For children
8 to 11 years old

Placeholder for the image "https://storage.googleapis.com/diproinduca-prod-bucket-fb24935ae53a2458/contest/cg_1_311c513f6c/cg_1_311c513f6c.png".Game Changers

Game Changers

For teenagers 
12 to 14 years old

Placeholder for the image "https://storage.googleapis.com/diproinduca-prod-bucket-fb24935ae53a2458/contest/cp_1_01b8f18e6b/cp_1_01b8f18e6b.png".Planet Ambassadors

Planet Ambassadors

For teenagers 
15 to 18 years old

Finalists will be assessed on an age-appropriate criteria basis by a panel of Judges 

First-round selection: 5 semifinalists for each age group, 25 in total. 
Category Winners: 3 finalists for each category group, 15 in total. 
2022 Winners: Featured on contest.diproinduca.com and different media throughout the following year. Refer to the prizes page for more information on the awards.


1- Artwork that is not original, containing logos or copyright imagery will be disqualified. 
2- Only one application per Participant. Only the last work entered for each artist will be considered, and any additional uploads will be eliminated. 
3- Please read contest rules for more information.

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Being environmentally conscious and aware of the impact we have on our environment is embedded in Diproinduca’s DNA. Our activity revolves around giving new life, a new opportunity to what for others may be considered waste. 

In 2011, we launched our annual drawing contest and every year we focus on a new theme related to the environment; and what better way to convey our philosophy, our DNA, to future generations than through creativity and healthy competition. We need to sow the seed of awareness and preservation of the environment so that a new generation can germinate with new concepts and new ideas, to change the course towards a more sustainable one, where our footprint as a species is positive. 

Participants are invited to submit their artwork and a write up about their learning. All ideas will be showcased on our website. 

Use your imagination and findings from your learning to create an art piece based on: “How will you communicate your message or idea as a conscious consumer for a sustainable world?”