Contest Rules

1- To enter the WED Drawing Contest, you must agree to the Rules, they form a binding legal agreement between you and Diproinduca concerning the WED Drawing Contest. 

2- To enter the Contest, an Entrant must be between 2 and 18 years old. Minors who participate must have consent provided on this website by a parent or legal guardian to be eligible for any prizes.

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3- The Contest is sponsored by Diproinduca Group of Companies (“Diproinduca” or “Sponsor“), a Canadian corporation with Headquarters at 200 Cachet Woods Court, Suite 214 Markham, ON. L6C 0Z8 – Canada. 

4- Contest begins June 5, 2022, 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) Zone, and ends August 1, 2022, at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) Zone (“Contest Period“). All dates are subject to change.

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5- To enter the Drawing Contest, Register / Log in during the Contest Period and follow the steps that appear on the “Let's get started” page and complete the Entry Form. The Artwork and supporting statements or descriptions must meet the “Artwork Requirements,” described below. 

6- Entries received without a complete Entry Form or without a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission for minors under 16 years, will be disqualified.

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7- Limit (1) Entry per participant. To qualify for the Contest, entries must be: complete; received by August 1, 2022, 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) Zone; and in English or Spanish. 

8-  The Artwork and supporting statements descriptions must meet the criteria under Artwork Specifications and Requirements (See Policies & Guidelines).

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9- Diproinduca reserves the right to disqualify any Participant who submits an artwork and supporting statements that do not meet the Contest Requirements. Incomplete entries or entries not complying with these Rules are subject to disqualification. 

10- Judging: Each Artwork will be evaluated and scored based on the following “Criteria”: (1) Unassisted work (2) artistic skills (3) creativity, originality and the unique approach to the Artwork; (4) communication of the Drawing Contest Theme in both the art piece and supporting statement (5) adherence to the artwork Requirements and these Rules.

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12- There will be Two (2) Levels of Judging that will result in finalists at the following levels:

a. Level One: 25 Semifinalists for each Age Category. 

b. Level Two: 15 for the Finalist Level. 

13- Tie- Breaker: In the case of a tie at any judging level, the judges will re-evaluate the tied Artwork according to the appropriate Criteria until the tie is resolved. The tied artworks will be put up for a re-vote at the individual level until the tie is broken.

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14- The results and decisions of the judging panel are final and binding. If a potential winner is unavailable for any reason to accept their award, then Diproinduca reserves the right to assign the award to another entrant. 

15-  Becoming a winner is subject to validation and verification of eligibility and compliance with all the terms and conditions outlined in these Rules. If a potential winner is disqualified for whatever reason, the Artwork that received the next highest total score will be selected as the potential winner. (See Policies & Guidelines).

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