A Superhero for The Sustainable Development Goals.

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By now, you are probably a little more familiar with all the UN Sustainability Goals. If you are not, no fear! There is still time to learn more about all the goals by using the learning tool on the website! An interactive way to learn and explore with bite size pieces of information. Or, if you prefer, head over to the blog section and click on any of the goals to learn more! Studies show that the best way to learn is to find a topic you are passionate about. What are you the most passionate about when it comes to sustainability? 

The 17 goals focus on different areas that affect us all as citizens of the world. And as a response to all the global problems affecting humanity, the environment and the world's ecosystems, the UN Secretary-General launched the UN Response and Recovery Trust Fund. 

The fund's purpose is to encourage developed countries to help developing countries find and sustain long term solutions to the problems that affect us as a whole. There is no planet B, and as such, we must work together toward a better future for all. 

This includes: looking into sustainable plans to guarantee food security, access to education, better health programs, equality for all, access to clean water, renewable energy resources, and greener cities, to name a few.

If you had to pick, which would be your number one priority? There is no right or wrong answer. Each mind is a world of its own, and different points of view are often needed for consensus, which is why committees and assemblies like the United Nations exist. 


But what can you do? 

You might be thinking, "I am only a kid, what can I do" - but inside you resides the power to become a superhero. Yes! You can change the world, little by little, every day by living more consciously, helping spread the world and learning inventive ways to make the planet a better and safer place. 


Non-Governmental Organizations

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a group of voluntary citizens' that organize themselves together at a local, national or international level to address issues in support of the public good.

The United Nations is not an NGO. It is an IGO which is an intergovernmental organization because it is formed by many different governments. However, there are many famous NGO's that focus on helping the preservation of ecosystems, human rights, access to water, and education, among others. 

Become a Superhero

Not all heroes wear capes. 

You can become a superhero by participating in our drawing contest. Not only will you show the world your talents, but you will be faced with the opportunity to donate to a good cause. At the end of the contest, winners will be awarded money to contribute to their favorite cause or NGO. By participating in our activities, engaging with your community, and spreading the UN Sustainability Goals word, you are already becoming a superhero. 

But when you align your efforts and passions and partner with organizations that somehow support the goals you are interested in, you can make a real difference. Let's get into action! Are you ready?


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Thinking Caps On

Imagine that your school's cafeteria or library closed down working due to a water leak. This leak would undoubtedly affect everyone's ability to obtain food and/or access reading and learning resources. This would become a problem that would concern the whole school, not only those working in the cafeteria or library. Immediately fixing the leak would become everybody's priority, even though some might be less affected than others (those who take their own lunch to school, for example). Funds would be allocated, fundraising activities planned, and temporary fixes will take place. 

That is what happens at the UN but on a much bigger scale. It is essential to understand that any long-term damage to the world's ecosystems, the world's economy or the world's health has a profound effect on all of us. The COVID19 pandemic is a perfect example of how an issue that started in one part of the world can affect everyone.