Climate Action

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It is time for action.

Jun 06, 2022|Climate Action

The planet needs us more than ever. It is time for us to start taking action, being responsible and conscious consumers leading to a sustain...

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There Is No Planet B: Rebuilding Today for a Better Tomorrow

Jan 17, 2022|Climate Action

Are you excited to join us in our journey to learn more about the environment and protect Earth's precious living resources? Then buckle up,...

Placeholder for the image "".Let's Keep Moving Forward Together

Let's Keep Moving Forward Together

Dec 20, 2021|Climate Action

We have learned a lot in this past year. We've learned how to work together and find creative solutions to complex problems like Climate Cha...

Placeholder for the image "".Climate Change – Time for Action

Climate Change – Time for Action

Nov 08, 2021|Climate Action

World leaders had to unite and plan strategies on reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the dangerous effects of climate change on the pl...

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Let's Create a Net-Zero Future

Nov 01, 2021|Climate Action

This year COP 26 main objective is to urgently set out the aim of keeping the global average temperature rise well below 2°C, and pursued ef...

Placeholder for the image "".Let's Build Sustainable Societies

Let's Build Sustainable Societies

Aug 23, 2021|Climate Action

We are consuming faster than Earth can produce, and we do not have a planet B. So our actions today will impact tomorrow.

Placeholder for the image "".Cows Can Heat the World 

Cows Can Heat the World 

May 31, 2021|Climate Action

Climate action refers to all the efforts, ideas and initiatives to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen resilience against cl...