A Year of Learning & Growing Together

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Our mission throughout 2021 was to create awareness through age-appropriate content to help kids of all ages learn, grow and think strategically about a sustainable future for all. And oh boy, you've made it so fun! We have learned so much together. 

Thank you for believing in us, for coming back for more, and for taking part in this year's drawing contest. 

2021 Edition of Diproinduca's WED Drawing Contest  

From our winners:


SEEDS (up to 3 years old)

1st Place: Esteban, 1-year-old, from Peru. Esteban supported The Biomimicry Institute. 

"...with the donated money, we would like to help support the microorganism implementation or some other ecological option for the healing and purification of water." –Esteban's parents

2nd Place: Carlos, 2-year-old, from Canada. Carlos supported his Local Food Bank.

"...We are convinced that giving back to our community is the best way to make it a better place for everyone who lives here. Supporting those in need is the lesson we want to teach our son. We want him to grow up being a kind human being that helps others." –Carlos' parents.

3rd Place: Mateo, 1-year-old, from Venezuela. Mateo supported The Biomimicry Institute.

"...our 1-year-old son who will make the donation to his cause since we think the ones they present are a very interesting proposal, you can appreciate ingenuity and creativity carried out for the well-being of all, that is precisely what we want to see in our son in the future, thanks to you." –Mateo's parents.

SPROUTS (4 to 7 years old)

1st Place: Amber, 7 years old, from Barbados. Amber supported The Plastic Soup Foundation.

"I live in Barbados, so the ocean is super important to me, and I want to make sure that it is clean for all the creatures that live in it." - Amber

2nd Place: Ismail, 6 years old, from Canada. Ismail supported The Plastic Soup Foundation.

"Thank you for helping keep our oceans clean and protecting the animals" –Ismail. 


3rd Place: Arianna, 7 years old, from Spain. Arianna supported The Barbados Sea Turtle Project.

"I send this donation so you can take care of the turtles... Help protect the turtles and respect the time of laying of eggs." –Arianna.

THINKERS (8 to 11 years old)

1st Place: Santiago, 10 years old, from Barbados. Santiago supported the Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary.

 "I would like to be able to expand the homes at Ocean acres so they would have space to help more animals... This is for the animals so they can live happily and they can get adopted." –Santi

2nd Place: Veronica, 9 years old, from Venezuela. Veronica supported The State of the World's Sea Turtle.

"...I felt moved by the work you do to save the turtles from so many dangers, your message touched my heart" –Veronica.

3rd Place: Sara, 9 years old, from Mexico. 

"My ideal house is a house where we can use rainwater, sunlight and the rest of nature to be able to live and help the planet to not work so much for us."- Sara. 

GAME CHANGERS (12 to 14 years old)

1st Place: Elena Salazar, 14 years old, from Barbados. Elena supported the YEMEN Humanitarian crisis.

"... I want to help children in need because knowing there are kids in this world surrounding my age that have been faced with unimaginable horrors such as not having enough to eat is an issue I want to address and assist." – Elena.

2nd Place: Juliana, 14 years old, from Venezuela. 

"...have a positive change together with the creative ideas that accompany us in every step and achieve our goals towards a healthy and happy planet." - Juliana. 

3rd Place: Victoria, 12 years old, from Venezuela. Victoria supported The Wildlife Conservation Network.

 "...My drawing expresses education seen from a different way, in which we can learn from natural, inspiring spaces and with the resources we have to become creative classrooms." - Victoria. 

PLANET AMBASSADORS (15 to 18 years old)

1st Place: Tanuj, 16 years old, from India. Tanuj supported WILD AID and wildlife protection. 

"We can't have nobility and dignity if we do not extend it to the animal kingdom. Neither can we claim to have love in our heart if we have no love for animals." –Tanuj

2nd Place: Stefania, 18 years old, from Venezuela. Stefania supported The Plastic Soup Foundation.

"... I would like to alleviate the pollution of plastic in the sea ... It makes me happy to know that there are people who bet on taking care of the planet we live on." – Stefania.

3rd Place: Isabella, 17 years old, from Barbados. Isabella supported The Plastic Soup Foundation.

".. I particularly focused on the empowerment of women and girls through the representation of women in the media and in positions of high power. Often, careers or fields which are regarded as powerful and important, usually also high paying, are male-dominated." – Isabella. 


What We've Accomplished

Thanks to you, different donations were made across ten various non-profit organizations, including Plastic Soup, the Food Bank and UNICEF, among others. In addition, we directly supported 14 of the 17 SDG's, and we learned how to put our 'thinking caps on' to achieve long and short-term solutions to everyday problems. It might not have been an enormous change, but it meant a whole new opportunity for those in need. Remember, the change begins with your efforts, everyday challenges and accomplishments, and the awareness and support you can provide to the less privileged ones.


We can't wait until next year for another 365 opportunities to learn, grow and expand together.