Rules and conditions for the 2020 Diproinduca drawing contest

Object and Requirements

Diproinduca with registered residence at 9140 Leslie St. Richmond Hill ON,Canada, through the following terms, announces and is responsible for holding the annual drawing contest called World Environment Day Drawing Contest 2019.

The contest is for children under the age of 15, whose parents or guardians have registered accordingly on the website designed for that purpose, with the objective of presenting a drawing done by the children within an established period of time and that is directly related to the theme selected for this year.
The contest is classified into four categories, defined by age range as follows:

Seeds: for contestants between 18 months and 3 years old.
Sprouts: for contestants between 4 and 7 years old.
Thinkers: for contestants between 8 and 10 years old.
Game Changers: for contestants between 11 and 15 years old

The jury will evaluate each drawing to select the three best drawings presented by all of the contestants of each category; Each selected contestant will be awarded the corresponding prize, detailed in section 4 of these rules.

Contest Duration and Deadlines

The date for the drawings to be submitted will begin on July 12 at 8:00 a.m. (ET) and will end on July 31 at 11:59 p.m. (ET); drawings will not be received after this time.

Requirements to participate

Only those who comply with each and every one of the conditions established in this document, may participate in this contest. These conditions are listed below:

– Minors who are 15 years old or less, at the time of the presentation of the drawing

– Minors whose parents or legal guardians have duly registered them on the contest website

— It is an indispensable requirement that the parents or legal guardians expressly authorize their minor’s participation in the contest. Upon submission of their minor’s drawing, they shall agree to sign the document of cession of rights and the management of personal data. Likewise, it is necessary for parents to supervise the participation of their children in the contest

– Each participant may submit only one drawing. During the drawing activity, children should not receive help from parents, guardians, or third parties, except in the case of participants in the Seeds category, who need to be assisted to perform their drawing as independently as possible. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, the drawings in question will be annulled. Unfinished drawings, or drawings that have participated in previous contests or events, or those that are submitted after the deadline will not be able to participate in the contest.

All drawings submitted to the contest must be originals done by the participants. To this effect, the consent of the parents or guardians to participate in this contest, as well as the submission of the drawing, implies their express acknowledgment that Diproinduca will not be responsible for claims of third parties due to plagiarism, copying or any other violation of rights of intellectual or industrial property, thus keeping Diproinduca free from any damages caused by any of the aforementioned motives.

Through the website the participants once registered, will have access through their personal profiles to upload the digitized version of the drawing to the contest website.(The recommendation is to take a digital photo; for this purpose any modern smartphone will do the job with sufficient quality).

The parents, legal guardians and / or participants who have complied with all of the requirements for the contest and are finally accepted to compete, agree that they will not hold any rights over the designs of the drawings, nor will they receive any type of remuneration or reward for the use of their designs other than the prizes that are established in these terms and conditions.

Competition procedures

Once the deadline for submitting the drawings has been reached, a gallery with all the participating drawings will be published on the website for the jury to vote. The jury will evaluate the drawings in each category and Diproinduca will declare the winners on the scheduled date. In all, there will be 12 awarded drawings with prizes, whose corresponding winners will be able to decide to which of the pre-selected organizations they would wish to make the donation to, in order to support the cause of their preference.

Jury and qualification criteria criteria

Seeds: It is expected that the drawing will be made by the participant without any assistance other than the simple explanation of the theme by their parents or guardians, keeping in mind that the spirit of the contest is to create conscience and example.

Sprouts: The authorship of the participant will be evaluated and particularly what can be appreciated of the idea expressed and its relationship with the theme of the contest.

Thinkers: The technique used will be considered as well as the understanding of the theme and the reflection created by the drawing.

Game Changers: The older ones should show a well-defined concept, a clear understanding of the theme and a creative reflection which should be coherently developed in the drawing.


he winners of the contest will receive the award corresponding to their age and category.

Each award is conformed as follows:

An Amazon Gift Card, preloaded with the amount corresponding to the prize obtained and its category.

The same amount of the Gift Card will be donated by Diproinduca on behalf of the winner to one of the preselected organizations whose cause the winner chooses to support.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation

The amount of each award is defined as follows:

1st Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 75 + $ 75 donation to your favorite cause,
2nd Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 50 + $ 50 donation to your favorite cause,
3rd Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 25 + $ 25 donation to your favorite cause.

1st Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 100 + $ 100 donation to your favorite cause,
2nd Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 75 + $ 75 donation to your favorite cause,
3rd Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 50 + $ 50 Donation to your favorite cause.

1st Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 125 + $ 125 Donation to your favorite cause,
2nd Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 100 + $ 100 Donation to your favorite cause,
3rd Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 75 + $ 75 Donation to your favorite cause.

1st Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 150 + $ 150 donation to your favorite cause,
2nd Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 125 + $ 125 donation to your favorite cause,
3rd Place – Amazon Gift Card with $ 100 + $ 100 donation to your favorite cause.

Modifications and annexes

Diproinduca reserves the right to make modifications or add successive annexes on its Procedures and Awards Sections of these Contest Rules, as well as to modify any of the established conditions, provided that they are duly communicated to the participants, which does not grant any rights for the participants or the person authorizing them, to claim any compensation for them.

We will be anouncing the organizations selected for donations.