Teenagers between to
15 and 18 years old

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They are the active leaders and future guarantors of global sustainable development. This generation of youths is naturally aware of what they consume, they will choose organic, natural, cruelty-free, sustainable sources. They understand the importance of well-being and balance in everything we do. They practice social influence naturally, capable of global revolutions, inspiring millions without limitations of borders, languages, ​​or beliefs.

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Videos with interesting 

ideas to support the goals

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Jury and qualification criteria

Planet ambassadors: Their artwork will most likely reflect a well executed technique executed through a clear understanding of the theme, paired with a thought-out reflection and possible solutions. Let 's meet our Judges .

Awards For Planet Ambassadors

The winners of the contest will receive the award corresponding to their age and category. 

Each award is conformed as follows:

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Gift Card with $ 275 + $ 275 donation to your favourite cause.

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2nd place

Gift Card with $ 250 + $ 250 donation to your favourite cause.

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3rd place

Gift Card with $ 225 + $ 225 donation to your favourite cause.

The same amount of the Gift Card will be donated by Diproinduca on behalf of the winner to one of the preselected organizations whose cause the winner chooses to support. 

All participants will receive a certificate of participation