Frequently Asked Questions


What is the “World Environment Day” Drawing Contest? 

WED Contest is a yearly contest open to children and teens. Learners are invited to create their art pieces for the chance to have them featured on and win some great Prizes for their continuous learning journey.

Why is Diproinduca doing this Contest?

We proudly believe it’s our responsibility to provide the next generations with the opportunities to stand on our shoulders and become better than us in their journey through the planet. Our drawing Contest is an opportunity for the youngest generations to display their own Artwork on

How long has Diproinduca been doing this Contest?

We’ve been hosting the World Environment day Drawing Contest every year globally since 2011, so this is our tenth year. Check out our past contests 

Entry information


How do I participate?

Here you’ll find the instructions on the What you need to know page. Be sure to register your profile Here, you will upload your Artwork once ready. The deadline is August 1.

Who is allowed to participate in the Contest?

Anyone up to 18 years old. For participants under 16, the entry form must be submitted by a parent or guardian. Parents or Guardians can register multiple participants at one time, but only one original Artwork per registrant. 

What happens if two artworks are entered from the same Participant?

We can only accept one Artwork per Participant. If we receive two drawings from the same Participant, we will take the last entry received.

Do you accept group entries?

We do not accept Artwork created by more than one Participant. Each piece should be created by only one student.

What materials can be used on the art piece?

The artist may perform a piece by using any medium or materials. Nonetheless, please note that the Artwork will be reviewed and scanned in a two-dimensional (2D) format. No sculptures will be accepted. The final Artwork should be on a flat surface to be able to photograph or scanned. Original 2D scannable Artwork made with materials such as paint, crayons, pencils, pastels, markers, chalk, charcoal, or a 2D photomontage will be allowed. Computer-generated images will also be admitted. Read more information. See the What you need to know page.

Judging and Selection


How is the Contest judged?
Please check the Judging section of the What You need to know page for details about how the Contest is judged.

Who are the Judges of the Contest?
Each year, we present a panel of different judges and diverse backgrounds to help us judge The WED drawing Contest for Diproinduca. Read more about our 2022 panel on the Judges page.

Questions from the community


Can I upload my drawing without registering?
No. Whoever wants to participate must register on the website.

I have already participated in previous years. Should I do this registration again?
Yes, in order to maintain an updated database, representatives must register their participants every year.

Can I register even if I do not have my drawing ready?
Yes. It is possible to create the registration for each Participant and when the drawing has been completed it can be uploaded to the website with the previously registered data.

What can be done in the registration section other than inscribing for the Contest?
In the registration section, you can activate or deactivate participants, change your profile data or the profiles of participants under your responsibility. This is also the section where you upload the drawing of each Participant to the contest website.

Will I receive a link to upload my drawing?
No links will be sent by email. The registration/login area will be the place where you will upload your drawing when it is ready.

Once I register, what should I do?
We will be publishing important information for the learning stage of the topic. This period extends for approximately 2 months, and we recommend our participants to explore all the areas of this website to be ready for when it is time to draw.

Can I register from a smartphone or a tablet?
Yes, you can.

Can I upload my drawing from a smartphone or tablet?
Yes, you can. You must have the photo ready to upload. The registration area will not allow you to take pictures or access the camera of your electronic device. When uploading the drawing, it is preferable to do it from a computer.

What should I do if I do not have a computer or have problems uploading my drawing?
This will be considered an extraordinary case. Please contact us at this email address:, and we will try to help you in the best way we can.

Can I crop and rotate the picture of my drawing once it is loaded in my profile?
Yes. It is very important that you know that what you upload to the page and approve in your profile will be what the judges will see; therefore, try as much as possible to take a good picture of your drawing, with high quality and good light. When you load it make sure to crop it so that only the drawing can be seen without having extra spaces around it. You can rotate and crop your image once you upload it to your profile, and you can approve how your profile will look before sending it definitively.

Any recommendations regarding the title of the drawing?
Spend a little time thinking about what your Artwork will be called, be creative.

Do I have to write in both languages?
No. You can choose to upload your profile in English or Spanish; we will handle the translations according to each case.

Why English and Spanish?
Because these are our roots, we come from a medley of Latin American and English-speaking countries. We are proud to offer this event in the countries where we operate and in countries of the continent where English or Spanish is spoken.
We have a team that is capable of communicating in both languages. In any of our media and social networks, we can respond ably to your comments in either English or Spanish.

Do you translate everything?
We dedicate a large part of our efforts to bring you a completely bilingual event, which means that we must translate the material we produce and the comments of judges and participants. We assure you that we will try as much as possible to meet the expectations of everyone who interacts with this event.

When does the Contest close?
The deadline to upload your drawing is August 1st at 11:59pm EST. Without exception, drawings will not be accepted after this time.

What if a power shutdown occurs or the internet connection fails?
We recommend that you be prepared to overcome these problems if these events are possible or can be foreseen. Without exception, drawings will not be accepted after the date and time stipulated on the contest website.

Can I submit an artwork that I made for another event?
No. The drawing with which you participate in this drawing contest cannot be one that you have submitted for another project or has participated in another contest.
Helping participants
During the drawing activity, children should not receive help from parents, guardians, or third parties, except in the case of participants in the Seeds category, who need to be assisted in performing their drawing as independently as possible. The best way to help is by talking with them about the topic, encouraging them to read the blog of material in order to enhance their creativity.

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, please let us know how we can help you.