Work together to support the goals!!!

Placeholder for the image "".Work together to support the goals!!!

Goal 17 focuses on seeing the big picture. By now, if you have reviewed all 17 goals, you can see that the UN focuses on many vital areas of sustainability and development and environmental and societal efforts to make a better world for everyone. The UN Secretary-General launched a UN Response and Recovery Trust Fund for more developed countries to help developing countries find and sustain long term solutions to all the objectives proposed.

In your opinion, from all UN goals, which one do you think needs the most support and why? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. But when you decide the priority levels amongst the goals, it is crucial to understand how many people are affected and how many we can potentially help by creating collaborations and partnerships across the world.

And here is where you can help. By participating in our drawing contest, you can show the world your talents and help make the world a better place. At the end of the contest, winners will be awarded money to donate to their favorite cause.


Placeholder for the image "".Work together to support the goals!!!

Thinking Cap On

Are you ready to make a difference? By participating in our activities, engaging with your community, and spreading the UN Sustainability Goals word, you are already becoming a superhero. But when you align your efforts and passions and partner with organizations that somehow support the goals you are interested in, you can make a real difference.

Let's get into action! Are you ready?