Stacy Altman Artist and teacher

Jul 27, 2021|0Judges

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I am Stacy Altman 

I live in Barbados

My favorite part of where I live is our beautiful beaches. 

I Like Dogs, horses, flowers, bright colors, swimming, and music.

I Dislike Cold weather and fuzzy fabric that tickles my nose. 

My favorite Ice cream flavor is Mango.

If I have to choose between a mountain or a beach? I love the Beach.

My favorite place in nature is Cattlewash Beach on the East Coast of Barbados.

The leadership philosophy that inspires me the most is Servant Leadership.

On social media, you can find me

If I have the opportunity to be an ambassador for two of the sustainable goals, I will choose

 Goal #13, “Climate Action,” and Goal #14, “Life Below Water,” because one has a direct link to the other, and since I am living in Barbados, I have a strong connection with water and sea life.