Randy Hryhorczuk contemporary visual artist

Jul 27, 2021|0Judges

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I Am Randy Hryhorczuk

I live in Whitby, Ontario.

My favorite part of where I live is The proximity to wooded park trails and lakes which provide a nice balance.

I Like Trees and sunshine and walking and running and family. I love that I can see the stars at night.

I Dislike I wish I could see more stars at night.

My favorite Ice cream flavor is Boring old delicious Strawberry.

If I have to choose between a mountain or a beach? I grew up in British Columbia, so I love both. However, a sunny beach after a long walk in the forest is something special.

My favorite place in nature is a kind of place that always reminds me of my childhood and the dreams I had of the wilderness as a child. It's not a particular place but rather the way a specific kind of place makes me feel. It's often remote, tall grass, near forests in the sunshine. The sort of place you emerge from a forest into, overlooking a valley perhaps. I know it when I feel it when I'm there.

The leadership philosophy that inspires me the most is Agile, flexible, inspirational - I believe in encouraging individuals to share expertise, collaborate, and take risks to adjust strategies if necessary to meet goals.

On social media, you can find me @hryhorczuk 

If I have the opportunity to be an ambassador for two of the sustainable goals, I will choose

Goal #6 "Clean Water & Sanitation" Water is a common thread that unites everyone globally. Access to clean water and sanitation needs to be a priority in every nation on the planet. Yet, many nations, including Canada, have communities that are lacking in essential resources. 

Goal #4 "Quality Education" Education could be the catalyst for solving so many other issues. So, although there are other issues that I feel are incredibly important - education may be where change has the potential to begin.