Madeleine Asuncion Program Director WED-Drawing Contest

Jul 27, 2021|0Judges

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I am Madeleine Asunción

I live in Barbados.

My favorite part of where I live is Any beach with turquoise waters.

I like Growing food, Cooking with friends, and Sandy feet.

I Dislike Stepping on water spills when I am wearing socks, online school, isolation. 

My Favorite Ice cream flavor is Caramel Praline. 

If I have to choose between a mountain or a beach? I would say I love both.

My favorite place in nature is A sunset on a beach with a bonfire.

The leadership philosophy that inspires me the most is Passion for what you do, and you will inspire others with your actions; when you find yourself in love with what you do and expressing it to others, you’d found your superpower.

On social media, you can find me @madeleineasuncion 

If I can be an ambassador for two sustainable goals, I would choose 

Goal #1, “No poverty.” There is no space for anything when someone is living in extreme poverty. The mind and the heart are only worried about surviving; there is no room for self-improvement, Good health, education, or any form of sustainability. Goal #12 “Responsible consumption and production.” We have to be accountable for our way of consumption; we must learn to be kinder to this earth, grateful to its gifts, and jealous of its natural beauty.