Lianna Nielsen Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach

Jul 27, 2021|0Judges

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I am  Lianna Nielsen 

I live in  London, England

My favorite part of where I live is that it's so full of green for a big city! So many trees and so many beautiful parks. It has all of the wonderful culture and diversity of a big city, but I can still see green out my window!

I like all of the great museums, especially "The Victoria & Albert" and the "Tate Modern." I also am in love with "Hampstead Heath," which is my local park that is surprisingly wild for being in a city.

I dislike how grey and rainy it can be in England.

My favorite Ice cream flavor is any combo that has chocolate and peanut butter. 

If I have to choose between a mountain or a beach? I love the Beach!

My favorite place in nature is the backyard of my childhood home in Maine during summer. 

A philosophy that inspires me the most is  Any leadership style where leaders listen to what the larger community needs and make choices based on the greater good of the people (vs. lining their pockets).

On social media, you can find me @HealthyByLianna

If I get to be an ambassador for two of the sustainable goals, I will represent 

Goal #3 "Good Health & Well-Being" because as an Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach, I devote most of my time to helping people heal and create healthy lives they love. I came to this work after healing my body myself from an autoimmune disease through food and lifestyle changes--so I know what it feels like to be unwell, and I know how much of a greater impact we can have when we are in good health.

Goal #4 "Quality Education" because when people are properly educated, they make better choices for themselves, others, and the planet. They have more empathy. They have a better understanding of how to come up with creative solutions to our biggest problems.