Global: A decade of actions to change the world together.

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We have achieved to get here together, and we are excited to start our second decade of The World Environment Day Drawing Contest organized by Diproinduca. This year we begin a new journey, one of which we must prepare in advance, mindful of all the details, leaving nothing behind. For this trip, we will need everything we have in our history of environmental knowledge; because it's going to be a long path of ACTIONS for the planet; sounds grand, doesn't it? Many people worldwide have decided to participate in this journey, great leaders, famous personalities, and us, of course. Believe it or not, the drawings and ideas presented in our contest are famous!. They help create ripples of actions, inspiring others, sometimes across the globe. As environmental leaders, we support the United Nations' initiative to secure a better planet for all by 2030.


For 2021, our contest's theme cannot be broader; it is what our planet needs; for everyone to become Global Citizens. Today, more than ever, we have a global power; in a click, without moving (well, moving a finger), we can send a message to a person on the other side of the world, sometimes without even speaking the same language. We travel to a country far away and practice eco-tourism, impacting their ecosystem; we influence friends in different countries with our environmental leaders' achievements. So we must be responsible global leaders of change in all our actions.


The United Nations has a plan, a very detailed program, and we must say, it is wonderful. It considers the essential needs, not only for the planet but also for all living beings. It's a "Super Global" plan with a vision of a better future for everyone and everything. 


This Super plan has 17 Objectives called The Global Goals for Sustainable Development; we were not joking when we said we needed everything we know -maybe more- to succeed with this topic. 

For now, the most important step is to start thinking globally: what you do affects everything, and your actions have a global impact; this, my friend, is half of the journey, so keep it at the front row of your knowledge records, and get ready to hear the "Global" word many times throughout the contest. For the 2021 World Environment Drawing Contest, we will learn the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development and how we connect with them. Let's get started…

"We only have one planet. We have nowhere else to go. If we use our creative powers properly, we don't need anywhere else. If we take care of it and each other, everything we need is right here."


Sir Ken Robinson