Efraín Riera, Founder and Chairman of the Diproinduca Group

Jul 27, 2021|0Judges

Placeholder for the image "https://storage.googleapis.com/diproinduca-prod-bucket-fb24935ae53a2458/contest/Efrain_42918d5fc0/Efrain_42918d5fc0.jpg".Efraín Riera, Founder and Chairman of the Diproinduca Group

Hello, my name is Efrain Riera.

I live in North York, Ontario, Canada.

I love the parks in the Greater Toronto Area; that is my favorite area.

My favorite ice cream flavor is Coconut from Trinidad and Barbados.

If I have to choose between a mountain or a beach? I will say the beach, and I love the beaches. 

My favorite place in nature is my home country Venezuela.

A philosophy that inspires me the most would be to help and support each other.


If I get to be an ambassador for two of the sustainable goals, I definitely would say

The first one is Goal #4 “Quality Education.” I am convinced that if we are well educated, we can achieve goals and be good members of our society. The second one is Goal #8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth” because that is the way to open doors for the majority of the population.