Education is a Human Right

Jul 07, 2021|4Quality Education

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Every child has the fundamental right to an education. Yet more than 32 million children worldwide have never seen a teacher as a result of armed conflict. In addition, one million Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are not at school. 

And less than 2% of global humanitarian aid goes towards education.

How can we help children in conflict war zones have access to education when everything is falling apart? We need to establish a connection between wellbeing, access to health services and access to education and make sure that these children have a chance in life.

There are a couple of organizations out there doing their best to help these children. 

Every little help counts!!!

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Thinking Cap On

Can you think about how your school could help connect students like yourself with students in war zones and help them learn basic maths and English? 

Get inspired:

EAC partnered with UNESCO to help realize Sustainable Development Goal 4 (ensure inclusive and quality education for all) and the former Millennium Development Goal 2 (achieve universal primary education).

The International Rescue Committee is working in partnership with EAC to ensure that children in Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have opportunities to realize their fundamental right to an education.

In partnership with EAC, the International Rescue Committee’s Educate First project works to increase opportunities for a quality primary education for out of school children in Côte d’Ivoire who were displaced by conflict in recent years and who live in situations of extreme poverty.