Alberto Rojas Chilean photographer

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I am Alberto Rojas

I live in Santiago de Chile, Chile

My favorite part of my town is The City Center, the most urban and commercial areas full of life, especially the antique markets.

I Like Urban photography, street photography, heritage walks through the city, touring it by bicycle.

I Dislike When people destroy cities in the name of social protests, graffiti scratches, and people's disinterest in their city.

My favorite Ice cream flavor is Vanilla.

If I have to choose between a mountain or a beach? Neither of them. But I would say that I'm maybe 70% beach, 30% mountain. But my favorite without a doubt is The city.

My favorite place in nature is, well, I don't have a favorite place in nature. I'm just a city lover kind of person.

A philosophy that inspires me the most is balance, which is the key to success in life and nature. Not much water, not little. Not much light, not little. Balance is a miracle, but it is the key. Extremisms are harmful, neither the conservative right nor the progressive left. The key to leadership is in understanding that balance and trying to achieve it.

On social media, you can find me  

Instagram: @chamorojas 



If I get to be an ambassador for two of the sustainable goals 

I would choose those related to the wellness of a city, infrastructure, and quality of life, given my respect and connection with the urban and my enjoyment of public spaces.

Goal #11 "Sustainable cities and communities."

Goal #9 "Industry, innovation and infrastructure."