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WED - Drawing contest 2021

WED - Drawing contest 2021

With hope, we inspired ideas for a better future for all!

This year, we commemorated the Eleventh edition of our Drawing Contest. We joined efforts with the United Nations and World Environment Day focusing on the 17 Global Goals - called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our main idea was to support this "Super Global" plan with a vision of a better future for everyone and everything. We wanted to take action from what we explored and learned for the past ten years; We took the first steps towards giant leaps to achieve a sustainable planet. But there's still so much more to do. So let's Keep Moving Forward Together.

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The unpredictable marvels.

This is where the contest begins, with the smallest artists! The participants of this group and their drawings are a gift for this contest.

This artist is the most unpredictable of all. We can talk to them about animals, but they may want to draw an airplane and that’s all right. Let’s identify the parts of an airplane and its materials. The important thing here is for them to have fun while learning about a new idea.

The focused wanderers.

Sprouts do wonderful things! They are capable of really focusing on the things they like. Let them draw about what they are most interested in!

The best way to help artists in this category is by talking about what attracts their attention most about Global. Help them digest and understand the information by sharing examples. One of the best ways is by making them aware of small actions that can make an impact globally.

The visionaries.

The creative and insightful vision of this group has much to offer. Thinkers revel in their imagination and see the world as it can be, not only as it is.

The best way to motivate and encourage this group is with a lot of questions that don’t need perfect answers. It is wonderful to encourage them to reflect by asking them broad questions that pick their brains.

The agents of change.

This group may use their drawings to generate a powerful message, either by proposing solutions or by demonstrating the theme. They clearly understand that environmental consciousness needs to be part of becoming a global citizen and being an agent of change, but at the same time, they require more information. We must encourage them to dig deeper.

The learning center is a good starting point where you can find specially prepared information, which will guide you to continue researching and learning!

The social influencers.

Launched last year, this category was created for our active leaders and future guarantors of global sustainable development.

This generation of youths is naturally aware of what they consume, they will choose organic, natural, cruelty-free, sustainable sources. They understand the importance of well-being and balance in everything we do. They practice social influence naturally, capable of global revolutions, inspiring millions without limitations of borders, languages, ​​or beliefs.